Profundity Communications, Inc. was founded by Joe Bowerbank, a marketing veteran with nearly 20 years of experience. Profundity is dedicated to working with clients in the mortgage banking industry. Wherever you fit into the industry supply chain, Profundity will grow your brand and help increase revenues.

Profundity’s founder is incredibly passionate about strategic marketing communications, the services delivered, and most importantly — stellar, ongoing results. Profundity’s greatest asset is satisfied clients. We’re not just another vendor; we’re your long-term partner.

Many marketing and public relations firms will engage with any client. Profundity, however, is focused on establishing long-term, best-fit engagements. Profundity realizes that one size does not fit all. If after evaluating a potential client’s marketing objectives, and it does not appear to be a good fit, Profundity will not represent companies merely for the sake of capturing new business. Further, and unlike many firms, Profundity will never represent your direct competitors.

Profundity produces results with integrity and passion. Period.

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